Sochi 2014: Slopestyle Success

Britain’s snow queen Jenny Jones has stormed the Winter Olympics 2014 putting British snowboarding firmly on the map.  Social media exploded with the people of Great Britain and the snowsports industry sharing their stoke for our Slopestyle bronze medalist.  British badass snowboarder Jenny has secured Britain not only its first medal of the games, but its first ever medal won on snow in the entire 90 years history of the winter Olympics.  It’s a massive victory for Jenny to win third place in a field of such amazing talent on the world’s stage.  It's also arguably the greatest day for British snowboarding.   


British Inspiration

Perhaps an overused claim, but in this case we believe entirely true, Jenny’s success will inspire a generation.  Jenny really is a true representation of British snowsports.  Like so many of us Jenny, from Bristol, grew up away from the mountains and developed her love and honed her talent on the local dry slope.  Great Britain lacks the massive mountain ranges and consistent snow that other countries take for granted.  Not exactly famous for its world-class resorts Great Britain has somewhat overcome adversity to beat the best in the world.  There is a small but very passionate and very talented scene of young skiers and snowboarders training tirelessly on dry slopes and indoor ski domes all over the Britain who've just had their dreams confirmed - they can be the best in the world. 

Financial Support

Jenny’s win will not only inspire young people, and particularly girls, all over the UK to get involved in snowsports and to aim high in doing so.  But hopefully Jenny fever will result in an increase in funding in British snowsports.  Thus giving more and more young people the access to the facilities and coaching to nurture our young talent and help them realise their dreams of becoming the next Olympic medalist.

UCPA is a perfect example of how other very successful winter Olympic countries, such as France, encourage their young people into the world of action sports.  UCPA provides France's youngsters with excellent and very low cost opportunities to experience the mountains and receive top level instruction and coaching.  It’s not surprising they have such talent!  

Action Outdoors Support

Action Outdoors was set up by two brits who discovered the gem that is UCPA and wanted to share the concept and help other brits enjoy the benefits too.  So no one is as happy for Jenny and as excited for what this medal (and hopefully others we have coming!) will mean for British snowsports.  Go team GB! 

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