Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is a condition of booking a holiday with Action Outdoors. Having adequate cover is absolutely vital for any foreign trip but especially so for a winter ski or snowboard holiday (or adventure holiday). As well as covering any medical expenses, travel insurance is required to compensate any costs incurred by delayed or missed travel caused by adverse weather conditions or unexpected road closures. Also some travel insurance may compensate for the closure of lifts and ski areas in the event of lack of snow or severe weather conditions. Action Outdoors and UCPA will not offer refunds or compensation due to travel disturbances, ski area closures or factors outwith our control, this is the responsibility of your insurer. Often insurance will provide cover in case of injury or personal tragedy prior to your departure which requires cancellation of your holiday. Therefore we advise you to purchase a suitable insurance policy as soon as you book your holiday. Of course it is vital your read the policy closely and thoroughly to make sure you purchase insurance with adequate cover for all unexpected events. Also ensure you know how to report an incident and make a claim in case of an emergency situation while abroad, otherwise you may risk compromising your cover.

European Health Insurance 

If you are a UK citizen it is recommended you carry a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or GHIC card, as well as private travel insurance. The EHIC/GHIC card is free of charge and gives you access to medically necessary, state provided healthcare during your stay in an EU country, including France, under the same conditions and at the same costs as people insured in that country. It is important to note that the EHIC/GHIC card should be used to complement travel insurance in a medical emergency and is not a substitute for travel insurance. Unlike in the UK, healthcare is not free in France, therefore you will still incur a cost when seeking medical care even if you do have an EHIC card. Some insurers now insist a valid EHIC/GHIC card is produced when receiving healthcare abroad. The EHIC/GHIC card provides no other compensation or cover for you holiday except partial healthcare cover.

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