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It goes without saying, the winter sports we all love are under threat from climate change. Unfortunately for us travellers, flying is a large contributor to Co2 in the atmosphere. Of course, we could all just not go skiing, however consumers are rational and the best we can do is offer a lesser polluting option. Travelling from London to resort by ​Snow Express produces 7 times less Co2 per passenger, using Tignes as an example:

  • Snow Express and ferry: 24.1kg of Co2 per passenger
  • Flying and resort transfer: 189.2kg of Co2 per passenger

For more information on the calculations of this, you can visit Snow Express - The Environment.

Snow Express is a proud partner of Protect Our Winters UK. 

2. ​​VALUE


Prices for Snow Express start at £99 return, to resort, including bags... No Ryanair and easyJet hidden fees here. Less expense on travel, possibility of more than one ski trip?!

Bags go free with, including skis. Here is an example of how much cheaper Snow Express is than flying: 

Return Snow Express ticket for mid Jan 2020 to Tignes, Saturday to Saturday = £99 ​(including bags, direct to resort)

Return flight from Gatwick to Geneva then Tignes, Saturday to Saturday = £360 total = (£120 ticket + £70 for hold bag + £90 for skis + £80 for transfer)

Not to mention the environmental cost...



3am starts to drive to the airport, check your bags in and have them weighed, before queuing at security, then wait in departures, then queue to board the plane, to then be squashed and have expensive snacks sold to you, before then queuing to disembark, queue for passports, wait for your bags to arrive, ​wait for resort transfer, then a 3-4 hour drive to resort. 

Snow Express is designed to be as convenient as possible; finish work Friday afternoon, go to Victoria, jump on the coach, watch some films or read, have dinner on the ferry, sleep and then wake up before shortly arriving at your destination. 



Snow Express Interior

Snow Express run modern coaches with good leg room and reclining seats (they don't go flat, but they go reasonably far back!), a loo, free WiFi and USB chargers in the seats. 

The coach makes stops to jump out and use the loo, stretch your legs or grab something to eat. 

It is not a super luxurious coach, but for the price, convenience and impact on the planet it is an excellent option for getting to the Alps. 

Time to go skiing? View Snow Express' website here.

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