About Action Outdoors

Action Outdoors was founded in 2004 by Mark Gillis and David Robertson through their frustration of searching for a reasonably priced way to go skiing...

For many years their ski holidays were spent squeezed into a tiny French ski apartment with a large group of mates. The final straw was in 2002, when they had 14 people in an "8" person apartment resulting in friendships being put to the test. 

A chance meeting in a bar led to contact with UCPA so their holiday in 2003 was spent at UCPA Val d'Isere. From this discovery of "how the French go skiing" a partnership with UCPA was agreed in 2004 and Action Outdoors has since introduced thousands of UK clients to the concept.

Every year more & more adventure sports lovers discover the UCPA way of life and Action Outdoors has gone from strength to strength. They offer a selected range of centres & activities which appeal to the English speaking market and combine that with convenient, value for money, transport options from the UK.

Mark Gillis left the company in 2008 to explore other adventures, David Robertson still continues to lead the dynamic team at Action Outdoors.

The ethos is still very much sport orientated - with the whole team being actively involved in various sports throughout the year.

Your Holiday is in Safe Hands

Be assured your hard earned cash and the holiday in the Alps you spend all year dreaming about is absolutely in safe hands when you book with us. Action Outdoors was established in 2004 and has grown rapidly since, giving us more than 10 years experience. In addition to our vast experience and our commitment to good service you can also take confidence from the fact we are members of ABTA Travel Association. You can read all of our terms and conditions online and should you have any worries or questions we encourage your to give the office a phone to talk to a member of the team in person.



If you don't have a clue what to do or where to go? Try our



  • There is always a range of ages, nationalities, mixtures of solo travellers, couples, groups etc. We have booked as a group of 6, a group of 36 (no joke) and even just me and my boyfriend – it works for all.
    Anna R
  • UCPA is a unique and brilliant experience, I would not describe it as a hotel but also not hostel it is somewhere in-between. Its a place where meeting people and making friends...
    Peter E
  • No matter how hard you try, when you book everything separately (especially with the Euro and price of food at the moment), you will never beat UCPA.
    Anna R
  • The food is PHENOMENAL at UCPA – brilliant for those with eyes bigger than their belly. 
    Asim A
  • We all appreciate that we are inside one of those perfect moments, heightened by the expectation of another afternoon riding the perfect, untracked powder that our instructor...
    Matt J
  • Lunch and dinner were epic. Buffet style with delicious and varied options each day and night. Not cheap foods either - Full roast chickens, ribs, roast beef, etc. Unreal!
    Ron H
  • The food offers great variety, choice (several options each night), quantity (as much as you want) and quality is decent (7/10). Cheese and yoghurts coming out of your ears, packed lunch option, afternoon...
    Anna R