Photographs of UCPA Tignes

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  • Tignes Bedrooms
  • Tignes UCPA bathrooms
  • Tignes UCPA bedrooms
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  • 12291039_1050652498299885_6278358804335261751_o
  • 12307444_1050652648299870_4565364745567212205_o
  • 12304263_1050652514966550_5009507716303543989_o

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Best For: Keen skiers/boarders
Resort Charm:
Centre Comfort:
Nearest Airport: Geneva (220km), Chambery (130km)
Coach Available:
Fun Fact: You can ski for 10 months of the year in Tignes!
Snowsure Rating:


UCPA was originally set up to provide affordable adventure holiday packages for people aged 18 to ​45.

Today the UCPA has a wide variety of excellent value ski & snowboard packages for people of all ages.



  • We all appreciate that we are inside one of those perfect moments, heightened by the expectation of another afternoon riding the perfect, untracked powder that our instructor...
    Matt J
  • UCPA is a unique and brilliant experience, I would not describe it as a hotel but also not hostel it is somewhere in-between. Its a place where meeting people and making friends...
    Peter E
  • The lift pass is amazing. It didn’t cover just Tignes, but all of Espace Killy. The pass alone was 228 euro if bought on its own. 
    Ron H
  • There is always a range of ages, nationalities, mixtures of solo travellers, couples, groups etc. We have booked as a group of 6, a group of 36 (no joke) and even just me and my boyfriend – it works for all.
    Anna R
  • Lunch and dinner were epic. Buffet style with delicious and varied options each day and night. Not cheap foods either - Full roast chickens, ribs, roast beef, etc. Unreal!
    Ron H
  • No matter how hard you try, when you book everything separately (especially with the Euro and price of food at the moment), you will never beat UCPA.
    Anna R
  • The food is PHENOMENAL at UCPA – brilliant for those with eyes bigger than their belly. 
    Asim A
  • The food offers great variety, choice (several options each night), quantity (as much as you want) and quality is decent (7/10). Cheese and yoghurts coming out of your ears, packed lunch option, afternoon...
    Anna R