Les Deux Alpes Town Centre

Les Deux Alpes is an exciting resort in the Serre Chevalier mountain range with reputation for partying hard. It attracts a young and hip crowd looking to make the most of its legendary nightlife and world class skiing. The resort is on the doorstep of the Ecrins National park and benefits from stunning views and scenery. The closest airport is in Grenoble which is just 70km away.

The resort takes its name from the two neighbouring villages of Venosc and Mont de Lan at the Northern and Southern end of the resort, the two are linked by a 2km road lined with hotels and bars. The village of Venosc (where the UCPA centre is located) has more character of the two villages and also has the majority of the bars and restaurants as well as less through traffic.

Les Deux Alpes first became a ‘ski resort’ in 1925 with the introduction of a drag lift which famously broke 15 minutes after its opening. It wasn’t until after the war that things really took and since then the resort has become one of the most technologically advanced laying claim to the world’s highest funicular and the world’s fastest gondola. The resort has been developed tastefully and still retains some of its village charm, in recent years the lift company has bought a number of ‘tired’ hotels and renovated them into attractive and classy developments.    

Les Deux Alpes Nightlife

The Les Deux Alpes nightlife is legendary and it is a strong contender for best party scene in the Alps. The multitude of bars and clubs extending down the 2km strip between the two villages has often been likened to the Las Vegas strip. The resort does attract a large number of student groups although tends to be much quieter and more family orientated during peak school holiday times. 

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Best For: Partying!
Resort Charm:
Centre Comfort:
Nearest Airport: Grenoble (70km)
Coach Available: No
Fun Fact: Nicknamed 'Las Vegas of the Alps'
Snowsure Rating:


  • UCPA is a unique and brilliant experience, I would not describe it as a hotel but also not hostel it is somewhere in-between. Its a place where meeting people and making friends...
    Peter E
  • There is always a range of ages, nationalities, mixtures of solo travellers, couples, groups etc. We have booked as a group of 6, a group of 36 (no joke) and even just me and my boyfriend – it works for all.
    Anna R
  • No matter how hard you try, when you book everything separately (especially with the Euro and price of food at the moment), you will never beat UCPA.
    Anna R
  • Lunch and dinner were epic. Buffet style with delicious and varied options each day and night. Not cheap foods either - Full roast chickens, ribs, roast beef, etc. Unreal!
    Ron H
  • The food offers great variety, choice (several options each night), quantity (as much as you want) and quality is decent (7/10). Cheese and yoghurts coming out of your ears, packed lunch option, afternoon...
    Anna R
  • We all appreciate that we are inside one of those perfect moments, heightened by the expectation of another afternoon riding the perfect, untracked powder that our instructor...
    Matt J
  • The food is PHENOMENAL at UCPA – brilliant for those with eyes bigger than their belly. 
    Asim A


Tignes, Chamonix, Les Deux Alpes |

All 3 resorts provide continuity and meet expectations. It's so refreshing to have an organisation in which really is in it for the SNOW! Affordable, hassle free and a fantastic all round experience catered via, amazing food, comfortable accommodation, excellent equipment. Finally the instructors are patient and great teachers. I don't want to write a long review because I could go on forever!

Les Deux Alpes | Snowboarding

The UCPA centre at Les Deux Alpes was in top shape and was very comfortable. The food was really good. But the real attraction is how close the centre was to the slopes which made it easy to go back for lunch. In addition there was a good selection of bars and activity places to unwind in the night.

Les Deux Alpes | Snowboarding Full Time

Had a fantastic stay at UCPA in Les Deux Alps. Food was amazing, as ever. Accommodation nice and comfortable with more space than in the Tignes UCPA. One downside is it was nearly all people in their late teens/early 20s the week we were there - 23 February-2 March. I don't know if Les Deux Alps generally has a younger crowd or if it was due to holidays in France during the week we picked. Slopes were wonderful - for beginners/improvers there's the slightly annoying issue that most of the slopes at the bottom are black meaning you can't snowboard all the way down. But just a minor issue. All in all, a very happy week was had by all!

Les Deux Alpes | Snowboarding

It was a fantastic holiday, great location, good snow and really nice hostel.
The rooms were modern and well maintained, and the food supplied was amazing, especially after a long day on the slopes. The hostel had a great atmosphere, and really pleasant staff.

Les Deux Alpes | Snowboard Full Time

We were a group of 6 people going on our first snowboard trip in France. We went to Les 2 Alpes, and reserved a vacation through Action Outdoors to the UCPA. We had a great time. The guides were professional and awsome, the equipment was in great condition. We really enjoyed our stay there and we are coming back for sure! The food was great, and although we wanted to eat out we found ourselves coming back again and again to the dining room at Les 2 Alpes. The rooms were nice and warm. UCPA, Les 2 Alpes, 5 star fun for 2 star price. Best ROI I have seen in a long time

Les Deux Alpes | Skiing

As a first time person going to UCPA I was a little hesitant.  However the food was brilliant, the atmosphere was excellent and the lodgings were very clean.

Les Deux Alpes | Skiing

We flew into Grenoble and had no problem finding the bus that action outdoor had organised for us. When we got to the UCPA centre they knew we were starving so they told us to go straight to the dining area. The food is unbelievably good. Not having to worry about cooking makes the snowboarding/skiing so much more enjoyable. The facilities in our UCPA centre were more than adequate and the staff were very friendly. I cant recommend this holiday highly enough!!!