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Flaine is conveniently located just 70km from Geneva airport and is part of the superb Grand Massif ski area.

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​Reserve your holiday for only £100 per person, pay the remainder 8 weeks before travel.
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 UCPA Flaine19/12/2026/12/2002/01/2106/01/2107/01/2109/01/2113/01/2114/01/2116/01/2123/01/2130/01/2102/02/2106/03/2110/03/2113/03/2117/03/2118/03/2120/03/2124/03/2125/03/2127/03/2130/03/21 
UCPA Family Plus Half Time Ski - adult (and 16+) £863£1130-------------------- 
UCPA Family Plus Half Time Ski - age 12-15yrs £699£912-------------------- 
UCPA Family Plus Half Time Ski - age 6-11yrs £617£804-------------------- 
UCPA Family Plus Half Time Ski - age 3-5yrs £535£695-------------------- 
UCPA Family Plus Mountain & Wellness £949£1216-------------------- 
UCPA Ski or Snowboard Basic --£596--£647--£693£716£739-£739-£716--£647--£583- 
UCPA Ski Evasion Porte du Soleil --------£995-£1041-£1041----£986---- 
UCPA Skiing and Wellbeing ------------£927-£904--£835---- 
UCPA Ski Coaching Expert --------------£940-----£807- 
UCPA Ski Coaching --£821--£872--£917£940--£963-£940--£872--£807- 
UCPA Ski Progression --£821--£872--£917£940£963-£963-£940--£872---- 
UCPA Ski Full Time Beginners --£752--£803--£849£872£894-£894-£872--£803--£739- 
UCPA Ski Half Time Instruction --£679--£729--£775£797£821-£821-£797--£729--£665- 
UCPA Snowboard Half Time Instruction --£679--£729--£775-£821-£821-£797--£729--£665- 
UCPA Snowboard Full Time Beginners --£752--£803--£849£872£894-£894-£872--£803--£739- 
UCPA Introduction to Ski Off Piste Half Time --£752-------£894-£894----£803---- 
UCPA Ski Off Piste - Advanced --£881--£931--£977£1000--£1023----£931--£867- 
UCPA Introduction to Off Piste Skiing --------------£959-----£826- 
UCPA Snowboard Off Piste - Advanced --£881---------£1023-£1000--£931--£867- 
UCPA Short Break 3 Day - No Instruction ----£326--£349--------£376--£349-- 
UCPA Intro to Off Piste Skiing & Ski Touring -----£936--£981£1005£1028---£1005-----£872- 
UCPA Short Break 4 Day - No Instruction --£413£459-£440£486---£495£541£495£541£477£522--£486-£404£450 
UCPA Snowboard Half Time - Under 25s --£545--£545--£545-£593-£593-£593--£593--£593- 
UCPA Ski Beginners - Under 25s --£545--£545--£545£593£593-£593-£593--£593--£593- 
UCPA Snowboard Beginners - Under 25s --£545--£545--£545£593£593-£593-£593--£593--£593- 

Prices for our week long winter holidays are Saturday to Saturday. They automatically include the UCPA early arrival option enabling you to ski all day on Sunday as both the lift pass and equipment are available to use. Please contact the office if you would prefer to stay Sunday to Saturday.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms (extra for twin)
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Equipment rental
  • Instruction/Guide where stated 
  • Lift passes, or any other cost related to your activity course (hut nights, green fees, entry charges etc)

In fact, the only extra costs are transport, travel insurance and a few social beers!