Argentiere Town Centre

Argentiere is a small alpine village located in the same valley as Chamonix. Just an hours drive from Geneva and with access to some of the best skiing in Europe it is an excellent location often overshadowed by its more famous neighbour. There is a great atmosphere in Argentiere with a more friendly local feel. There is a good selection of bars in Argentiere, none of them are huge but all have a great character and some of the best après ski in the valley.

There is a good bus network in the valley connecting Argentiere to all the separate ski areas as well as Chamonix. A good range of services is also on offer down the valley in Chamonix such as larger shops, supermarkets, a cinema, bowling, museums and more bars. Getting between Chamonix and Argentiere after 8pm can be difficult with the bus service becoming very sparse so worth bearing in mind if you fancy a night out in Chamonix.


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Best For: Extreme Skiing
Resort Charm:
Centre Comfort:
Nearest Airport: Geneva (109km)
Coach Available:
Fun Fact: Mont Blanc 4810m
Snowsure Rating:


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Argentiere | Beginners Snowboarding

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