Ski Areas 

The Argentiere and Chamonix valley contains 5 separate ski areas which run from Le Tour at the head of the valley down to Les Houches at the bottom of the valley. A bus service runs throughout the day linking all the ski areas, which is very efficient. Each ski area has a slightly different style and character, the variety of aspects means that you can usually always find good conditions in at least one of the ski areas!


Les Grand Montets

Les Grand Montets is the closest ski area to Argentiere and just a 5 minute walk from the UCPA centre. The amazing off piste bowls of the Grand Montet have made it a world famous ski area with some of the best back country skiing in Europe. There is a wide variety of terrain including some excellent piste skiing. 

Le Tour

Le Tour is situated just above the scenic little village of Le Tour at the top of the valley a 5 minute bus ride from Argentiere. The ski area is great for all levels with a nice selection of wide open pistes perfect for beginners and intermediates and some more challenging runs for the experts. Le Tour is often a good choice on powder days when other areas become crowded.



Brevent is the closest area to Chamonix with a nice selection of skiing for all abilities from wide open blues and reds to steep blacks. The area is south facing with stunning views onto Mont Blanc and a perfect spot on sunny days.



Flegere is accesible from La Praz and is also linked to Brevent via a cable car. There is a nice selection of pistes for all levels including some wider runs. There is a good selection of off piste accessible from the index chair lift as well as some nice tree skiing, an excellent option in low visibility or bad weather. Flegere is south facing but reasonably high offering sunny skiing and good conditions throughout the day.


Les Houches

Les Houches is located in the village of the same name just down from the valley from Chamonix. It is a great area for beginners or intermediates with lots of green, blue and red slopes on which to hone your skills. Les Houches is also home to the Kandahar World Cup downhill race, you can try your hand on the same piste or though doing it as fast as the pros will require higher than average levels of skill and courage!

Off Piste & Touring

The quality and quantity of backcountry terrain in the valley is world class and much of it is accessible by lift, for those willing to put in some work there is even more on offer. Good off piste is available at all the ski areas but a couple of locations stand out. Grand Montets is one big playground for the off piste skier, you can literally take your pick from hundreds of great lines. The top bin also offers access to the Argentiere glacier on one side or really advanced skiers can pick a line down to the Mer de Glace on the other. At the bottom of Grand Montets the magic forest offers some nice tree skiing – be careful not to drop to low though or you could be in for quite a hike! 


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