Student Group Ski & Snowboard Holidays

If you have been tasked with planning a ski trip for your college or university you’ve come to the right place. The all-inclusive UCPA packages are amongst the cheapest on the market, making them perfect for students on a budget. The UCPA environment is also ideal for groups; the shared rooms, large dining halls, group lessons and on-site kit hire makes travelling as a group much easier than you might expect. The prices are inclusive of accommodation, meals, lift pass, kit hire and instruction, so you can forget about splitting bills and hidden costs. There are several ways Action Outdoors can help you get the best price for your group booking;

Free Places: The Group Leader Can Travel for Free

The easiest way, and often most convenient way for the group leader, allows each individual group member to book and pay independently. You can pick any holiday advertised on the website for your group and get booking right away. As the group size grows the group leader is rewarded with discounted or free places; a half price place for 10+ people, a completely free place for 20+ people, a further half price place for 30+ people and so on (please note, the discounted places won't apply if on special deal prices e.g. 18-25 offers).  The money will be refunded to the Group Leader or their nominated group members as the group meets a target. It’s up to the group leader whether they use the free places for themselves and other organisers or pass on the discount onto the group. There are no minimum numbers for such booking and of course groups can continue to grow as long as there is availability, allowing a great deal of flexibility and little commitment.

Exclusive Discounted Group Trips

Alternatively, if you have a fixed group size of 20 or more people, we may be able to offer you a special group holiday, not advertised on the website, at a great rate. The price will be discounted for the whole group, however to secure the reduced rate the group leader will be required to sign a contract, meaning there is less flexibility with group sizes and more commitment required from the leader and the group.

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What makes an Action Outdoors Holiday so good for groups?


Good value really matters if you are taking a large group skiing. The UCPA centres offer amazing value when working on a budget because it is all inclusive; accommodation, meals, lift pass, equipment hire and instruction. The only extra costs to consider are your travel and beer money.


The accommodation at UCPA is simple, clean, comfortable, warm and have plenty of storage space. Food is excellent, cooked on-site by French chefs, always a great choice and as much as you can eat. Ski and snowboard instruction is by French qualified instructors, generally considered the best in the world. Equipment hire is all in-house and 50% is replaced every year meaning you are always provided with quality modern kit without any hassle.


The UCPA offers instructed groups covering all levels from complete beginner to expert level off piste guiding. Each person will be allocated a group at the right level for them, ensuring everyone enjoys themselves and progresses quickly throughout the week. Of course there is a non instructed option for those who prefer to ride at their own pace. 


We can organise transport through our partner, Snow Express, which has a coach every week from the UK to the Alps so can offer you a great price, even if your group does not completely fill a coach. We can also help arrange transfers from the airport. The decision is yours!


A UCPA holiday is the most convenient way for a group to organise a ski or snowboard trip.  Forget separate apartments, cramming into restaurants, splitting bills, traipsing across town for ski hire and long queues at at the lift pass office. Everybody stays in the same building and your group will be allocated rooms sharing together. Your lift pass is provided when you check in and the equipment hire room is in the basement of the centre, making getting ready for the slopes much easier.  Meals are buffet style so there is plenty of choice to suit everyone and large dining tables makes it perfect for big groups to all eat together comfortably.


Each UCPA centre has a bar on site where everyone can meet for an apres ski beer or a drink before dinner. The staff organise a program of activities and entertainment each week including stretching sessions, pub crawls, karaoke and pub quizzes. We are more than happy to help organise or advise on outside activities your group might enjoy such as ice-skating, bob-sleigh, bar crawl, snow shoeing, ice climbing.


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Why not start your holiday together in London Victoria? The coach is just about the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get to the Alps and so much easier to organise than last minute flights.

Just click on 'Coach' in the travel option tab when you make your group booking!