Student Special Dates and Prices

Action Outdoors and UCPA trips include everything apart from travel, that is; accommodation, three meals a day, lift passes (worth a lot!), good equipment hire, and instruction/guiding (if desired).​ Prices start from just £397.

​Our student deals are open to all students, aged 18-25 years who have valid student ID. If this is the first time travelling with Action Outdoors on a UCPA ski holiday you can read more about what to expect and view pictures of the accommodation. Whether you are travelling alone or as part of a group the sociable and relaxed atmosphere of the UCPA centres and the group lessons meeting people very easy.


If you don't have a clue what to do or where to go? Try our

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 UCPA Lacanau28/06/2005/07/2012/07/2019/07/2026/07/2002/08/2009/08/2016/08/2023/08/2030/08/2006/09/2013/09/2020/09/2028/03/21 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being - Under 25s -------------£333 
UCPA Surf Full Time - Under 25s -------------£417 
UCPA Tennis Full Time - Under 25s -------------£361 
UCPA Golf Beginners - Under 25s -------------£398 
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 UCPA Verdon28/06/2005/07/2012/07/2019/07/2026/07/2002/08/2009/08/2016/08/2023/08/2030/08/2006/09/2013/09/2020/09/2028/03/21 
UCPA Verdon Rock Climbing - Under 25s £436£436£454£472£472£501£501£472£454£436£417£398£398- 
UCPA Trekking - The Most Beautiful Trails in the Verdon National Park - Under 25s £342£342£361£379£379£408£408£379£361£342£323£323£323- 

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms 
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Equipment rental
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Extra course costs (hut nights, lift passes etc)

In fact, the only extra costs are transport, travel insurance and a few social beers!