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UCPA trips are already an excellent set up for solo travellers due to their sociable nature, however our solo specialist weeks are even more attuned to making travelling as a solo as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, whether it ​be your first time going solo or if you are a regular. 

During 'solo weeks', you can choose any course that is offered by the host centre during that week. There are no 'solo courses' as such, allowing a wide ​choice of courses. So whether you want to do expert off piste, or learn to ski as a beginner, you can take part.

These weeks are usually attended by between 10 and 40 individuals. These trips are not about dating or partying. They are about meeting other likeminded individuals who enjoy snow sports (or want to try!) but aren't quite convinced on going fully solo.




Many solo travellers attend any week we offer throughout the season due to the nature of UCPA. However if you are new to solo travel and want to test it with our solo weeks beforehand it is a great way to see what it is like. The standard benefits of UCPA trips also apply to solo week, with a few added extras. Mainly:

  • No single supplement
  • Social ​areas, communal dining and bars
  • Group Whatsapp to keep in touch before, during and after the trip
  • Possibility of a rep on site
  • All inclusive apart from travel:
    • Lift passes
    • All meals
    • Equipment hire
    • Instruction/guiding
    • Accommodation

What to Expect

The set up of the centres facilitates a great environment for meeting others and having an all round enjoyable time at excellent prices. Multi share rooms, whilst some may find them daunting, are in fact a great way to meet other people. ​Usually ​customers make friends with the others in their room first, then from their course, before then meeting their roommates' course groups. By the end of the week there is usually a big group! 

Most of our trips are 18-45 only, with some courses going up to age 55. The core demographic making up the bulk of our customers are aged 25-35, with the solo weeks leaning slightly more to the upper end of that range. But everyone is welcome!


Dates and Prices

Specific solo week dates and prices will be added here when we go on sale for Winter 20/21. Keep checking, or sign up for our newsletter here.