​Accommodation for School Groups

The accommodation is in purpose built activity centres that are designed to be both
practical and functional but provide a social environment where your group, both students
and teachers, can relax after a day’s skiing. The centres tend to be centrally located both to
the lifts and to the town centre.

Find out more about the ​centres and the ski areas using the links above.

(Please note that these links will take you to the information provided for individual bookings, so the dates and prices through these links won't apply to school groups). 

School Accommodation Information

  • Bedrooms

    Groups will be accommodated together in dormitory style rooms. Rooms in the majority of the centres sleep 4 people with cupboards for individual belongings. Bathrooms are usually shared between two rooms, or depending on the centre may be shared with other rooms on the corridor. Staff will be roomed in multishare rooms (if you require male/female staff to be roomed separately, then let us know in advance. Any spare beds in a staff room may be taken by other groups' staff members of the same gender). All individuals are required to strip their beds and clean the rooms at the end of their stay. 
  • Dining

    The buffet style restaurants offer a huge selection of food suitable for every taste including any fussy ones. Breakfast tends to be cereal, bread and jams with plenty of hot chocolate and coffee. Lunch can either be packed or served hot back at the centre (pasta and rice dishes with unlimited ice cream and cheese). The evening meal usually includes starters of soup and/or salad, the main course will be a wide range of pasta and rice dishes, sausages, fish, steaks etc depending on the theme of the night with cheese and cakes for dessert. The tables do need to be cleared and wiped down after use. This is all part of the UCPA ethos and great for student responsibility and independence. 
  • Facilities

    ​Most centres have a games room, TV lounge, lecture room (or area), WiFi and all centres have the ski shop onsite. Some even have a pool or spa. If you would like access to a room to bring the group together for a meeting or social event, then these need to be reserved through reception on your arrival. 
  • Lift Pass

    The area covered by the lift pass depends on the centre. ​We can advise on this. It is valid depending on your chosen package but basic is 5 days Monday to Friday. 
  • Equipment

    The equipment is provided according to the individual’s standard rather than the group budget with the ski shop hosting a huge range of equipment and boots to suit everyone. If anyone in the group suffers from sore feet then it is just a matter of popping in and exchanging their boots for a new pair. 
  • Instruction

    The instruction really is for all ability levels; whether your students have never skied before or are some of the lucky few who have grown up skiing. Everyone has access to the basic package of 20 hours (this can be increased ​with an earlier arrival day) and groups will be formed on arrival by the centre ski school.
  • Evening Entertainment

    Apres Ski entertainment is arranged at the Centre Director's discretion and may include activities such as football, stretching, games, videos and presentations. After dinner there are often activities such as karaoke, games and discos laid on for those that want to join in. The bar serves soft drinks for under 18 year olds and of course beer and wine for the adults. 

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