If your child's school has booked their school ski trip through us, then ​here's some information that you may find useful.  

Information for Parents

  • Meals/Dietary requirements

    The buffet style restaurants offer a huge selection of food suitable for every taste including any fussy ones. Breakfast tends to be cereal, bread and jams with plenty of hot chocolate and coffee. Lunch can either be packed or served hot back at the centre (pasta and rice dishes with unlimited ice cream and cheese). The evening meal usually includes starters of soup and/or salad, the main course will be a wide range of pasta and rice dishes, sausages, fish, steaks etc depending on the theme of the night with cheese and cakes for dessert.

    There is always plenty of choice for vegetarians to choose from and for vegan options, the school teaching staff can speak with the chef to find out which foods are suitable. UCPA cannot, however, cater for all dietary requirements and therefore if your child has severe food allergies or a food intolerance give us a call before booking. If there are specific food alternatives that your son/daughter requires (e.g. gluten-free bread, these will not be available at the UCPA centre and alternatives may need to be taken with them). 

  • Equipment

    The equipment is provided according to the individual's standard, with the on-site ski rental shop hosting a huge range of equipment and boots to suit everyone. If anyone suffers from sore feet, then they can pop into the ski shop with their teacher and exchange their boots for a new pair. 

    Boots, skis and poles are provided for all and helmets are provided for all under-18s. 

  • Instruction/Supervision

    The instruction is for all ability levels and the reception staff will gather information about the students' ability level on arrival in order to put them into appropriate groups. The school will let you know how many hours are included in the package (20 hours on our standard package). Our standard package includes skiing instruction only, but snowboarding may be available on request, depending on numbers - you can find out from your school organisers whether snowboarding has been booked for your school group.

    The UCPA instructors are all qualified through the French system, which is generally considered the most demanding system, making the instructors some of the most qualified in the world.  

    Outside of instructed ski lessons, your son/daughter will be under the supervision of the school teaching staff, inline with their school policies. 

  • Packing List

    Here's some useful suggestions as to what you may want to pack: packing list
  • Insurance

    Your school will be able to advise you on whether they have taken out group insurance, or whether each individual needs their own insurance. Either way, you should ensure that the insurance offers suitable cover for the activities that are being undertaken. 
  • Contacts

    Your school organiser will be the primary contact and the school will inform you of who to contact should there be a need when your child is away. The school will also be able to give you the details of the centre that your child is staying at. 
  • UCPA French Accreditation

    In France in order to welcome minors and school groups several agreements must be adhered to.  Please find dated agreements and Numero d'Immatriculation or registration number below. 

    Listes des agrements et immatriculation UCPA:

    Tous ces agréments et numéro d’immatriculation sont portés par UCPA Sport Vacances, association à but non lucratif régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901 déclarée le 20 octobre 1965 à la Préfecture de Police de Paris, Journal Officiel n° 255 du 1/3 novembre 1965.

    • Agrément “SPORTS” (Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports) arrêté du 18 octobre 2005
    • Agrément “Ministère del’EducationNationale” au titre d’association éducative complémentaire de l’enseignement  public par arrêtédu4 juillet 2013
    • Agrément « Entreprise Solidaire » par décision du Préfet de la régionIlede France du 17 octobre 2014  
    • Agrément « association de jeunesse et d’éducation populaire » par arrêté du 2 septembre 2004  
    • Agrément « vacances adaptées organisées » par arrêté du 9 avril 2013   
    • Numéro d’immatriculation auprès d’Atout France (n°AF:  IM075110249)

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