Family Ski Holiday Package 

UCPA is very unique. The accommodation ‘centres’ vary between resort but can best be described as somewhere on the scale between a nice youth hostel, purpose built activity centre and a basic hotel.  The centres offer basic, no frills, comfortable accommodation. They are very clean, warm and have plenty of hot water. The atmosphere within the centres is very relaxed, sociable and fun, everyone gets to know each other and share a lot of laughs throughout the week.

What to expect

UCPA save costs by the guests pitching in and helping out. For example when you arrive you will be provided with clean linen for your bed, but you will have to make it yourself. Meals are self-service buffet style and when finished you will be expected to clear away your dishes and give the table a wipe clean. At the end of the week, before checking out, everyone is responsible for ensuring their room is left clean and just as you would expect to find it. This little bit of mucking in is what makes UCPA trips such excellent value and a fun experience.


UCPA is designed for young adults therefore the rooms hold between 2 and 6 people in either bunk beds or twin beds. The switch to accommodating families can be tricky but UCPA do everything they can to room families separately in their own room. As you can image this can be a challenge and on rare occasions it isn’t always possible. If your family doesn’t fill a room completely and there is more than 1 or 2 spare beds, you may asked to join another family with a child of a similar age. They do try to avoid this at any cost, however, to keep the prices low and accommodate all the families they must occupy as many beds as possible - this is normally discussed in advance. It is no different to staying in a youth hostel in this respect.

Twin Rooms There ​are some twin rooms available, however because these are ​extremely limited (just one or two per centre), we ask that these ​are taken by families where the size of the family requires it (e.g. a 2 person family). 

Babies Travel cots are not available therefore if you are travelling with a baby you will be required to bring your own cot.


The UCPA centres do amend evening meal times to better suit children. The French do tend to eat meals later than we do in the UK therefore the adjusted times may still be later than your normal family meal times. We therefore advise you to plan accordingly. Most resorts have food shops however these may be very small and the choice limited so you might prefer to bring some non-refrigerated snack options with you.

If a member of your family a has serious dietary requiremen​t please let us know in advance. The UCPA chefs will always try and offer an alternative option for those with allergies or dietary needs, however, they will be unable to provide specialist food alternatives such as gluten free bread or soy milk. We would advise you to bring such food stuff with you if you rely on these alternatives, they may not even be available in resort.


The UCPA staff plan family friendly entertainment throughout the week. The entertainment will vary between the centres but may include video nights, games nights, quizzes, karaoke and discos. Of course your family doesn't have to participate in the entertainment if you have other plans.


The facilities within the UCPA centres vary considerably. All UCPA centres have social areas, large dining halls, a bar and equipment rooms to store your skis and boots overnight. The equipment rental is on site saving you a lot of time and hassle. If you have a problem with your kit throughout the week you can visit the equipment room to discuss your problem with the staff and swap it for alternative gear. For more information on what other facilities are available at the centres check out the accommodation pages linked above. Please note the UCPA is equipped for adult trips therefore travel cots, high chairs, child's plates, cutlery and bottles are not available.

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