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Everyone who books a holiday will receive a discount code for 20% off all Montane products. Plus there is also a discount code for 20% off Panda Optics Sunglasses. So you'll be able to get kitted out for summer adventures for less! ​

 What's included in the price:


  • Accommodation 
  • 3 meals a day
  • Lift Pass (If ​required)
  • Equipment Hire
  • Instruction (If chosen)

If you've never been to a UCPA centre before and you're not sure what to expect, click here.

UCPA holidays are perfect for people travelling alone as well as groups of friends, the centres are very sociable and you're bound to meet lots of new and interesting people from all over the world. To find out more about how to book, click here.

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​Reserve your holiday for only £100 per person, pay the remainder 8 weeks before travel.
Argentiere (Summer)
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)23/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1921/07/1928/07/1904/08/1911/08/1918/08/1925/08/1901/09/1908/09/19 
UCPA Discover the High Mountains - Special Offer £534£534---£593------ 
UCPA Discover the Trails Around Mont Blanc - Special Offer ------£457£457£457--- 
UCPA MTB - Downhill Mountain Biking - Special Offer £554-£573----£612---- 
UCPA MTB - Mont Blanc Massif - Special Offer --------£496--- 
UCPA Trail Running & Multi Sports - Under 25s -----£403------ 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Sensations - Special Offer £466---£525£525£544£544£525--- 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) - Special Offer --£437£437£457£457-£476£476--£398 
Chamonix (Summer)
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Chamonix (Summer)23/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1921/07/1928/07/1904/08/1911/08/1918/08/1925/08/1901/09/1908/09/19 
UCPA Climbing & Bouldering in Chamonix - Special Offer -£350£369£389£408£408------ 
UCPA Rock Climbing - Special Offer -£520---------- 
UCPA Chamonix Rock & Ice - Special Offer ----£423£423------ 
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Hyeres23/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1921/07/1928/07/1904/08/1911/08/1918/08/1925/08/1901/09/1908/09/19 
UCPA Sport Mix 100% Hyeres - Special Offer --£510--------- 
UCPA Catamaran Sailing - Special Offer -£442£462--------- 
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Lacanau23/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1921/07/1928/07/1904/08/1911/08/1918/08/1925/08/1901/09/1908/09/19 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being - Special Offer -£403---------- 
UCPA Tennis Full Time - Special Offer -£442---------- 
UCPA Beginners Golf Instruction - Special Offer -£462---------- 
Port d'Albret
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Port d'Albret23/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1921/07/1928/07/1904/08/1911/08/1918/08/1925/08/1901/09/1908/09/19 
UCPA Surf Full Time - Under 25s -----------£403 
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Verdon23/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1921/07/1928/07/1904/08/1911/08/1918/08/1925/08/1901/09/1908/09/19 
UCPA Verdon Rock Climbing - Special Offer -£452£471£490£490£530-£530£490£452£452£452 
UCPA Lakes of Verdon MTB Tour - Special Offer ---£530-------- 
UCPA Verdon Canyoning - Special Offer --£539£559£578£578--£559--- 
UCPA Verdon Multi Sports - Special Offer --£500---------