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Argentiere (Summer)
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 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)16/06/1923/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1919/07/1921/07/1926/07/1928/07/1902/08/1904/08/1909/08/1911/08/1916/08/1918/08/1923/08/1925/08/1930/08/1901/09/1908/09/1915/09/1922/09/1929/09/1906/10/1913/10/1920/10/1927/10/1929/03/2005/04/2012/04/2019/04/2026/04/20 
UCPA Trail Running & Multi Sports -£431--£467-£486-£486-£505-£505-£486-£467-£449£431------------ 
UCPA Trail Running & Multi Sports - Under 25s --------£403----------------------- 
UCPA Argentiere Multisports Sensations - Under 25s £403£423----£481-£481---£500-£481----------------- 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Sensations -£514-£532--£569-£569-£588-£588-£569-£551-£532£514------------ 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Audace -£606--£644-£662-£662-£681-£681-£662-£644-£625£606------------ 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Sensations - Special Offer -£466-£486--£525-£525-£544-£544-£525----------------- 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) -£440-£495£495-£495-£495-£514-£514-£495-£477-£458£440------------ 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) - Under 25s -£384-£403--£423-----£442------£364------------ 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) - Special Offer ---£437£437-£457-£457---£476-£476----£398------------ 
UCPA Yoga, Hiking, Nature & Wellness - Under 25s --£364£384£403---£423-----£442----------------- 
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 UCPA Essaouira16/06/1923/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1919/07/1921/07/1926/07/1928/07/1902/08/1904/08/1909/08/1911/08/1916/08/1918/08/1923/08/1925/08/1930/08/1901/09/1908/09/1915/09/1922/09/1929/09/1906/10/1913/10/1920/10/1927/10/1929/03/2005/04/2012/04/2019/04/2026/04/20 
UCPA Discover Sport & Culture -----£606-£634-£671-£671-£634-£606-£579-------------- 
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 UCPA Fuerteventura16/06/1923/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1919/07/1921/07/1926/07/1928/07/1902/08/1904/08/1909/08/1911/08/1916/08/1918/08/1923/08/1925/08/1930/08/1901/09/1908/09/1915/09/1922/09/1929/09/1906/10/1913/10/1920/10/1927/10/1929/03/2005/04/2012/04/2019/04/2026/04/20 
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 UCPA Hyeres16/06/1923/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1919/07/1921/07/1926/07/1928/07/1902/08/1904/08/1909/08/1911/08/1916/08/1918/08/1923/08/1925/08/1930/08/1901/09/1908/09/1915/09/1922/09/1929/09/1906/10/1913/10/1920/10/1927/10/1929/03/2005/04/2012/04/2019/04/2026/04/20 
UCPA Multi Water Sports --£477£495£495-£514-£532-£551-£551-£514-£477-£477£458£440£440----£458----- 
UCPA Multi Water Sports - Under 25s --£403-------------£403-£403------------- 
UCPA Multi Activity (Water) ---£532£532-£551-£569-£588-£588-£551-£514-£514£495£477----------- 
UCPA Sport Mix 100% Hyeres ---£559£559---£597-£616-£616-£579-£542-£542£523£505----------- 
UCPA Multi Activity (Water) - Under 25s ------------------£413------------- 
UCPA Accommodation Only --£366----------------------------- 
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 UCPA Lacanau16/06/1923/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1919/07/1921/07/1926/07/1928/07/1902/08/1904/08/1909/08/1911/08/1916/08/1918/08/1923/08/1925/08/1930/08/1901/09/1908/09/1915/09/1922/09/1929/09/1906/10/1913/10/1920/10/1927/10/1929/03/2005/04/2012/04/2019/04/2026/04/20 
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 UCPA Verdon16/06/1923/06/1930/06/1907/07/1914/07/1919/07/1921/07/1926/07/1928/07/1902/08/1904/08/1909/08/1911/08/1916/08/1918/08/1923/08/1925/08/1930/08/1901/09/1908/09/1915/09/1922/09/1929/09/1906/10/1913/10/1920/10/1927/10/1929/03/2005/04/2012/04/2019/04/2026/04/20 
UCPA Verdon Canyoning - Special Offer ---£539£559-£578-£578-----£559----------------- 
UCPA Verdon Multi Sports - Special Offer ---£500---------------------------- 
UCPA Verdon Yoga, Nature & Wellness --£467£467--£505-£523-£523-£523-£523-£486-£467------------- 

Summer holidays are Sunday to Saturday. This is due to your equipment not being available until Sunday evening but there is the option to arrive on Saturday if you would like.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms (extra for twin)
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Equipment rental
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Lift passes, or any other cost related to your activity course (hut nights, green fees, entry charges etc)

In fact, the only extra costs are transport, travel insurance and a few social beers!


  • Having never used UCPA before I was not sure what to expect but the week I spent there was absolutely fantastic and I genuinely can’t wait to go back.
    Richard J
  • The chef at the canteen always tried their hardest to provide varied yet nutritional dishes. The meatballs were simply to die for!!!
    Tong Tong
  • Describing the UCPA is difficult. Not because there is a lack of adjectives to adequately convey the amount of fun you’ll have while you are there, the friendliness of the instructors, the quality of the food...
    Mark D
  • A la Carte week - Lessons were good. I went to a few that I thought would benefit me, off-piste and freestyle. The instructors spoke decent enough English and you really learnt as much as you wanted to.
    Ron H
  • There is always a range of ages, nationalities, mixtures of solo travellers, couples, groups etc.  We have booked as a group of 6, a group of 36 (no joke) and even just me and my boyfriend – it works for all.
    Anna R
  • We were always encouraged to push ourselves, quite often going off-piste and attempting things we wouldn’t have previously felt capable of.
    Mary T
  • Our guide Cyril was absolutely amazing and found us fresh powder tree runs all day, without a hike, when it hadn’t snowed for 15 days
    Oliver P
  • The food offers great variety, choice (several options each night), quantity (as much as you want) and quality is decent (7/10). Cheese and yoghurts coming out of your ears, packed lunch option, afternoon...
    Anna R