​Tibau do Sul

The area of Tibau do Sul was virtually unknown by tourists until the 1970s, when surfers discovered a hidden paradise. Located along the Brazilian Atlantic Coast the beaches receive swells from North-East, East and South-East, resulting in the perfect surf spot all year round.



Originally set up as a surfers paradise there are now many watersports to partake in at this tropical destination. With a variety of geometries as well as wind strengths and directions the beaches surrounding Tibau do Sul are perfect for all from beginners to experts in surfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding. For those looking for adventure along the coastline as well as at the beach there is also a multisports option. Alternatively those looking for a slower paced holiday can fully relax on our surf and yoga courses.


​Local Town

Tibau do Sul is a small and quiet town. Historically an area dedicated to fishing and farming the town is now host to tourists from around the world, whilst still holding on to its original charm with plenty of local culture and a relaxed tropical vibe throughout. There are several restaurants, bars and a lively music scene if that is what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can have a quiet beach front experience with plenty of local seafood delicacies.


UCPA Centre

Rather than a standard UCPA centre all courses in Tibau Do Sul are based at the Sossego Surfcamp. Located 80km south of Natal this camp allows those looking for a more tropical vibe whilst enjoying the coastline to feel right at home. The surf camp is located on the edge of Tibau Do Sul village. It covers approx 4000m2 including a pool, on site restaurant and bar. Located in Rio Grande de Norde it receives swells from the North-East, East and South-East, resulting in the perfect surf spot all year round.


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