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UCPA Naxos

Instead of having a purpose built UCPA centre, in ​Naxos UCPA use The Romanzza. These charming apartments with typical Cycladic architecture have an outdoor pool with sea views.

The Romanzza, located 1 minute walk from the beach, is a charming and comfortable apartment/hotel set up, with the characteristic architecture of the Cyclades archipelago. You will appreciate its outdoor swimming pool overlooking the Glyfada beach which is just a few minutes walk away and its green spaces surrounding the centre.


  • Multishare rooms are 3 - 4 person rooms
  • Each apartment has a kitchenette with mini bar
  • Bathroom facilities are en-suite
  • Balconies looking over the Aegean Sea or the gardens and the mountains


There is a restaurant in the garden of the Romanzza residence dedicated to UCPA guests. This is where you will eat breakfast and 3 of your dinners. Kitesurfers will always eat lunch here too. You will eat between 3 different local restaurants near the Romanzza, which is included in your holiday cost, giving you the chance to experience local Greek cuisine. You will also be taken into Naxos itself for dinner one night. Lunches for everyone except the kitesurfers will vary in different local restaurants, this is also included in your holiday cost. 


Please inform us of any dietary requirements beforehand (e.g. allergies).

Difference to 'standard' UCPA trips

UCPA Planete, worldwide resorts, is a product that has been created by UCPA, but as they are not hosted in UCPA specific centres so they can be very different.

  • Trips are usually hosted by a hotel, so you will not necessarily be sharing with others and may have your own room (please check rooming above). 
  • All meals are included, but they are not necessarily buffet style within the hotel, they may be at other restaurants around the resorts. A great opportunity to soak in evening atmosphere and try different cuisines!
  • There may be non-UCPA clients in the hotel that you are staying in. UCPA will have a select number of rooms within the hotel. 
  • As these are new products to us, we do not have as many UK clients travelling to these destinations yet, but they have been running for a few years now and starting to gain popularity very quickly amongst UCPA fans. This may however mean that there are not as many English speaking travellers in these destinations, but as always, basic English is required of staff and instructors. 
  • Hotel dependent, but UCPA do not always provide evening entertainment so this may be down to you and your course group to arrange your evening activities.


UCPA is more than 40 years old, and was originally set-up by the French government to encourage young people to enjoy the outdoors.It is now a "not for profit" organisation with all profits being put back into refurbishing the centres.

The ethos of sport is still first on the agenda, but the instructors and centre staff don't forget that it is still your holiday.


If you don't have a clue what to do or where to go? Try our