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In Kalpitiya there are two distinct kite seasons – summer season which runs May to October and winter season from mid-December to mid-March. Both summer and winter are warm, dry and windy, but the wind direction changes making every spot a new experience.

These below are just a few of the kitesurf areas to play in. There are also a few trips to other lagoons and islands which may be on offer to you. It all depends on conditions and group ability!

Big lagoon is almost a kilometer wide and about two kilometers long, so it can cater to hundreds of kitesurfers. Water ranges from flat to choppy and, depending on the direction, the wind can be either smooth & clear or a bit gusty. 

Donkey spot offers clean wind and flat water on one end, with waves on the other side. When the swell is right we get some good-sized waves, so if you’re into wave riding this is the spot for you. If you have never tried wave riding, or riding on the open sea before, this is the perfect spot to do it in a safe environment as rescue boats will be there for you if anything goes wrong.

The KSL lagoon is one of the smaller spots and is predominantly a freestyle playground where some big names come to train. This is the ideal spot to work on that trick you’ve been wanting to try out for ages or just sit on a sun bed with a drink in your hand and admire all the big air action on the water.

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