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Lacanau is a world class surf destination on the West coast of France famous for its golden sandy beaches and surfing competitions.

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 UCPA Lacanau05/07/2012/07/2019/07/2026/07/2002/08/2009/08/2016/08/2023/08/2030/08/2006/09/2013/09/2020/09/2027/09/2004/10/2011/10/2018/10/2025/10/2028/03/2104/04/2111/04/2118/04/2125/04/21 
UCPA Horseriding £599£599£617£634£662£662£634£581£581£563£544£544£544£544£544£563£563£544£544£544£544£544 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being £464£464£482£500£527£527£500£446£446£428£410£410£410£410£410£428£428£410£410£410£410£410 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being - Under 25s £392£392£411£430---£373---------£336£336£336£336£336 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being - Special Offer -----------------£364£364£364£364£364 
UCPA Kitesurf & Surf £814£814£833£851-£878£851£797£761£743£724£724£724£724£724£743£743£761£761£761£761£761 
UCPA Surf Full Time £599£599£617£634£662£662£634£581£544£527£509£509£509£509£509£527£527£544£544£544£544£544 
UCPA Surf Half Time £527£527£544£563£590£590£563£509£473£454£437£437£437£437£437£454£454£473£473£473£473£473 
UCPA Surf Full Time - Under 25s £477£477£496£515---£459---------£421£421£421£421£421 
UCPA Surf & Golf Full Time £563£563£581£599£626£626£599£544£544------------- 
UCPA Surf Full Time - Special Offer -----------------£496£496£496£496£496 
UCPA Golf Beginners £527£527£544£563£590£590£563£509£509£491£473£473£473£473£473£491£491£473£473£473£473£473 
UCPA Tennis Half Time £454£454£473£491£518£518£491£437£437£419£401£401£401£401£401£419£419£401£401£401£401£401 
UCPA Tennis & Golf Instruction £509£509£527£544£572£572£544£491£491£473£454----------- 
UCPA Tennis Full Time £491£491£509£527£554£554£527£473£473£454£437£437£437£437£437£454£454£437£437£437£437£437 
UCPA Tennis Full Time - Under 25s £421£421£440£459---£402---------£364£364£364£364£364 
UCPA Tennis & Surf £544£544£563£581£608£608£581£527£491£473£454£454£454£454£454£473£473£491£491£491£491£491 
UCPA Tennis Full Time - Special Offer -----------------£402£402£402£402£402 
UCPA Golf Coaching £617£617£634£653£680£680£653£599£599£581£563£563£563£563£563£581£581£563£563£563£563£563 
UCPA Golf Beginners - Under 25s £459£459£477£496---£440---------£402£402£402£402£402 
UCPA Beginners Golf Instruction - Special Offer -----------------£421£421£421£421£421 
UCPA Golf Coaching - Special Offer -----------------£515£515£515£515£515 

Week long summer courses in France typically run Sunday to Saturday. Where there is availability, it may be possible to arrive a day earlier, you will see this options at checkout. Please check the fact boxes and dates before booking.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Most courses also include: 

  • Equipment rental 
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Other associated course costs

Click on a price to see more information about what is included in the holiday you are interested in.