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Hyères is a gorgeous Mediterranean resort which offers ideal conditions for a number of watersports such as sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing. 

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 UCPA Hyeres20/06/2127/06/2104/07/2111/07/2118/07/2125/07/2101/08/2108/08/2115/08/2122/08/2129/08/2105/09/2112/09/2119/09/2126/09/2103/10/2117/10/2124/10/2117/04/2224/04/22 
UCPA Scuba Diving Exploration in Giens and Porquerolles £586£586£605£605£623£640---£586£586£568£549£549£549---£549£568 
UCPA Catamaran Sailing Half Time £505£505£523£523£541£559£586£586£577£505£505£486£468£468£468£468£486£486£468£486 
UCPA Multi Water Sports £486£486£505£505£523£541£568£568£559£486£486£468£450£450£450£450£468£468£450£468 
UCPA Sport Mix 100% Hyeres £568£568£586£586£605£623£650£650£640£568£568£549£532£532£532---£532£549 
UCPA Multi Activity (Water) -£523£541£541£559£577£605£605£595£523£523£505£486£486------ 
UCPA Fitness, Well Being & Explore --£486£486£505£523£549£549£541£468£468£450£432£432------ 
UCPA Windsurfing Full Time £523£523£541£541£559£577£605£605£595£523£523£505£486£486£486£486£505£505£486£505 
UCPA Catamaran Sailing £549£549£568£568£586£605£632£632£623£549£549£532£514£514£514£514£532£532£514£532 
UCPA Sea Kayaking Half Time --£514£514£532£549£577£577£568£495£495£477£458£458------ 
UCPA Scuba Diving in the Port Cros National Park £505£505£523£523£541£559£586£586£577£505£505£495£477£477£468----- 
UCPA Introduction to Scuba Diving in the Port Cros National Park £577£577£595£595£614£632£659£659£650£577£577£559£541£541£541---£541£559 
UCPA Accommodation Only £386£386£405£405£423£441£468£468£458£386£386£367£350£350£350----- 
UCPA Windsurfing Half Time £486£486£505£505£523£541£568£568£559£486£486£468£450£450£450£450£468£468£450£468 
UCPA Sea Kayaking Full Time --£559£559£577£595£623£623£614£541£541£523£505£505------ 

Week long summer courses in France typically run Sunday to Saturday. Where there is availability, it may be possible to arrive a day earlier, you will see this options at checkout. Please check the fact boxes and dates before booking.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Most courses also include: 

  • Equipment rental 
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Other associated course costs

Click on a price to see more information about what is included in the holiday you are interested in.