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The Chamonix Valley can be summed up as the European capital of extreme sports. Its world renowned mountain range attracts adrenaline junkies from around the globe.

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Argentiere (Summer)
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 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)14/06/2018/06/2021/06/2025/06/2028/06/2002/07/2005/07/2012/07/2019/07/2026/07/2002/08/2009/08/2016/08/2020/08/2023/08/2027/08/2030/08/2003/09/2006/09/20 
UCPA 3 Day Intro to Alpine Mountaineering £344£344£344£344£344£344------£344£344£344£344£344£344£344 
UCPA Discover the High Mountains -------£612-£629-£656----£594-- 
UCPA Trekking - The Most Beautiful Trails Around Mont Blanc £442-£442-£460-£460£478£496£496£522£522£496-£478-£460-£442 
UCPA Trekking - Glaciers of Chamonix £433---£450--£469-£487-£513--£469---- 
UCPA Hiking the glaciers of the Mont Blanc Massif --£647-£665-£665-£701-£728-£701-£683---- 
UCPA Five Summits --£388---£406-£442-£469-£442---£406-- 
UCPA Discover the Trails Around Mont Blanc --£442-£460-£460£478£496£496£522£522£496-£478-£460-£442 
UCPA Aiguilles Rouges Trekking Trip ----£487--£504-£522-£549--£504-£487-- 
UCPA Wild Treks Around Mont Blanc ------£433-£433-£433-£433---£433-- 
UCPA Tour du Mont Blanc ------£603-£638£638£665£665----£603-£585 
UCPA Chamonix - Zermatt Hike -------£790-£807-£835----£772-- 
UCPA MTB - Mont Blanc Massif £478---£496-£496-£531-£558-£531---£496-- 
UCPA MTB - Downhill Mountain Biking ----£585-£585£603£621£621£647£647£621-£603-£585-- 
UCPA MTB - Enduro ----£487--£504£522£522£549£549£522------ 
UCPA MTB - Tour du Mont Blanc -------£638---£638------- 
UCPA Trail Running Preparation £397-£397-£415-£415£433£450£450£478£478--£433-£415-£397 
UCPA Trail Running & Multi Sports £460-£460-£478-£478£496£513£513£539£539£513-£496-£478-£460 
UCPA Trail Running for Beginners £353-£353-£371-£371£388£406£406£433£433£406-£388-£371-£353 
UCPA Trail Running Evasion -------£450--£496---£450---- 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Sensations £504-£504-£522-£522£539£558£558£585£585£558-£539-£522-£504 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Audace £594-£594-£612-£612£629£647£647£674£674£647-£629-£612-£594 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) £433-£433-£450-£450£469£487£487£513£513£487-£469-£450-£433 
UCPA Yoga, Hiking, Nature & Wellness £469-£469-£487-£487£504£522£522£549£549£522-£504-£487-£469 
UCPA Accommodation with Lift Pass - Argentiere £371-£371-£371---------£371-£371-£371 

Week long summer courses in France typically run Sunday to Saturday. Where there is availability, it may be possible to arrive a day earlier, you will see this options at checkout. Please check the fact boxes and dates before booking.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Most courses also include: 

  • Equipment rental 
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Other associated course costs

Click on a price to see more information about what is included in the holiday you are interested in.