Summer Activities in Argentiere

Mountain Biking

The Chamonix Valley is very dramatic, beautiful and steep sided, but thanks to the winter season the trails are all accessible by lift, allowing you to enjoy more down and not worry about having to push your bike up. There are the whole range of trails, from those that follow the river at a mellow pace to those that point straight downhill and require immense skill and technique to stay in control. UCPA offer a whole host of courses designed to keep even the most extreme rider content.

Trail running

There is growing popularity to head into the hills as light weight as possible and run. Whether this is for exercise, training, charity or fun it is a great way to explore some of the most beautiful trails in the world. Coaching in technique, speed, tactics, diet and psychology will help you run faster, for longer and have the energy to look around at the landscape too. 
Specific training courses are also organised for people who are taking part in any of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc series.


Chamonix walking trails are world class and one of the main summer attractions to the valley - a whole host of multi day trails start from the town yet day walks are numerous and varied. Hikes range from river valley walks to clinging onto metal hand holds as you scramble up to mountain arrets and glaciers. You will discover alpages, forests, breath taking views alongside out of breath moments. Some of the treks even involve a day up onto the glacier where you will don crampons and ice axes and explore the world above the snow line!


Multi sports

Argentiere UCPA also offers a 'Multisport' holiday to allow you to take advantage of all the great activities that the valley has to offer. The multisport week allows you to concentrate on mountain biking but also try out climbing, rafting and trekking.


If you don't have a clue what to do or where to go? Try our



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