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Lacanau Resort

Lacanau-Ocean is a charming seaside town with a colourful architectural mix of seaside villas from the most modest, to the most opulent. The resort of Lacanau-Ocean is the main beach resort, not to be confused with Lacanau-Ville, a town further along the coast. Lacanau-Ocean is a world-class resort for all water sports. Located on the Atlantic coast of France with 14 kilometers of uninterrupted fine, golden sand and over 2300 hours sunshine per year, it is home to many International sports championships. 

In 1884 Pierre Ortal, Lacanau owner and service manager for Railways Landes, made known in writing to the municipality of Lacanau his intention to create a seaside resort on the coastal dunes of the town. The Municipal Council studied the draft filed by Pierre Ortal with interest and agreed to extend the future course of Bordeaux Saint-Louis in Lacanau (open 1885) to create this resort.

Surfing and Body boarding are the main sports of Lacanau, famous for its offshore swell producing good surf and every year it hosts the "Lacanau Pro" - the official stage of the surfing world championship. 

Lacanau-Ocean resort is in the heart of the Medoc Peninsular, the beaches are protected by the pine forest and still feel secluded despite its popularity. The whole area is very well-kept by the local tourist board, they are keen to keep the site in its natural state, providing a beautiful well-preserved environment for all. 

The UCPA offers a huge range of activities and all to a high standard - tennis, golfhorse riding, kite surfing and multisports.

Other things to do

Lacanau is a lively town and resort. A large choice of nightlife is offered from “trendy” nightclubs to the Casino which is open every day. There is a great selection of bars and nightclubs to suit all tastes.

The town also has plenty of shopping in addition to a multitude of sports clubs.

In Lacanau there is tennis, bicycle hire, volleyball and petanque. Beautiful walks through the forest and bike rides to surrounding lakes are possible from UCPA, just ask at reception for a map! There are over a hundred kilometres of cycle paths through the pine forests, connecting the lakes to the ocean.

A visit to the vineyards and châteaus of the Bordeaux are a great option – ask at reception for a map of the local area - they are clearly marked.


  • Stunning surf conditions
  • Beautiful golden sand beaches
  • Great nightlife
  • Local vineyards and chateaus 


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