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Action Outdoors Adventure Tours

Action Outdoors has launched a host of very exciting skiing expeditions incorporating heli-skiing, ski touring and off piste guiding, to some of the most remote, exotic and desired winter sports destinations on the planet. Theses adventures will be led by one of the most highly qualified instructors and high mountain guides in the world, providing a rare opportunity to explore these incredible regions under the guidance of a true expert. In addition to the unique destinations and the world class guiding, what makes the Action Outdoors expeditions even more special is the intimate size of the groups and the opportunities and flexibility this allows. Unlike some of the more commercial guided trips on the market, each of Action Outdoors’ Adventures are totally unique and designed to deliver the best experience possible. A relatively fluid itinerary, local knowledge and a wealth of guiding experience means the adventures can evolve easily, always taking the weather and snow conditions into consideration. The individuals and the guide will work together from the very beginning to plan a bespoke trip, ensuring each member of the team’s expectations are exceeded during what is sure to be the ski trip of a lifetime.

The Adventures

Each adventure is based on a dream of David, the Director of Action Outdoors and avid ski mountaineer, and Seb Cazorla, a French qualified ski instructor and High Mountain Guide. The locations have been carefully hand-picked to encompass a number of the world’s most exhilarating ski destinations. Each adventure is truly unique and will be moulded to the desires of the group.

Hakuba, Japan – Off Piste Guiding & Ski Touring

Regularly receiving more than 12 meters of powder each season, Hakuba is the home of Japow; Japan’s famous deep, dry, powder which makes off piste riding in Japan like nowhere else in the world. Seven days skiing, five days of guided off piste adventures and approximately two days ski touring, searching and exploring the very best of Hakuba, the diverse mixture of terrain and, of course, deep Japow powder.

Hokkaido, Japan – Off Piste Guiding & Ski Touring

Hokkaido; the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, famous for volcanoes, natural hot springs and epic ski terrain, it’s not surprising the Japanese refer to it as the ‘last frontier’.  The peninsula of Hokkaido is a ski tourers dream. Its remoteness makes access more challenging, but the famous Japanese powder ensures it is more than worth the journey. Rugged, remote, with an abundance of nature, it’s the perfect backdrop for an epic winter adventure.

Lofoten Islands, Norway – Ski Touring

An archipelago, located inside the Arctic Circle on Norway’s North West coast, Lofoten boasts very distinctive and truly majestic scenery; steep mountains raising straight out of the sea and a playground of undisturbed snowy terrain as far as the eye can see. Lofoten is a ski touring paradise, offering endless opportunities including classic summit to sea descents.  Coupled with excellent conditions and the Northern Lights, this is one of Europe’s most stunning ski destinations.  

Kamchatka, Russia – Ski Tour

One of the world’s most unique ski destinations, Kamchatka is a 1,250km long peninsula on the far East of Russia. The wild landscape is scattered with active volcanoes, natural hot springs, an abundance of arctic wildlife and of course the most epic ski terrain imaginable. The remote location means this huge skiable terrain is truly unspoiled, promising ski tourers the adventure of a lifetime and fresh tracks over and over again.  

Kamchatka, Russia – Heli Ski

Kamchatka is a place of extremes. Referred to as ‘the land of fire and ice’, it’s the only place on earth where it’s possible to ski on active volcanoes. The size of the off piste skiable terrain is mind-blowing, estimated as the size of Switzerland in its entirety, making it one of the largest heli-ski areas in the world. The surrounding Pacific Ocean and Okhotskoye Sea brings epic snow storms, earning it the title of one of the snowiest places on earth.

For full details and the suggested itinerary for each of the outlined ski expeditions please read the individual Adventure Descriptions available on the Dates & Price page.

About the package

The individuality of each Adventure means that no two trips or packages are the same. However, in general each expedition price will be inclusive of accommodation, meals, guiding and all specific activity and support costs. Flights must be arranged by the individual and will not be included int he package. For the full package details please read the individual Adventure Descriptions on the Dates & Price page.


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