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​Reserve your holiday for only £100 each, pay the remainder 8 weeks before travel.

Argentiere (Summer)
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 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Multisports Sensations - Student ------£370£370£370£370£370£370£370£370£414£414£370£370£370£370------ 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) - Student ------£370£370£370£370£370£370£370£414£414£414£414£370£370£370------ 
UCPA MTB - Tour du Mont Blanc ---------£580-£580-£580-£580--£580------- 
UCPA MTB - Mont Blanc Massif ------£444£444£444-£444£476£476-£516-£476£444-------- 
UCPA MTB - Downhill Mountain Biking ------£460£460£492£492£516£516£516£516£516£516£492£460£460£460------ 
UCPA MTB - Downhill Mountain Biking (Student) ------£370£370£414£414£414£414£414£414£414£414£370£370£370£370------ 
UCPA Multi Activity (MTB) ------£376£376£416£416£416£416£416£432£432£432£416£376£376£376------ 
UCPA Trail Running Preparation ------£332£332-£332£332£332£332£356£356£356£332£312£312£312------ 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Sensations ------£440£440£440£440£479£479£479£492£492£492£479£440£440£440------ 
UCPA Argentiere Multisport Audace ------£512£512£528£528£548£548£548£548£564£564£548£532£512£512------ 
UCPA MTB Single Track ---------£508£508£508£508£552£552£552£508--------- 
UCPA Trekking - Most beautiful trails around Mont Blanc ------------------£304------- 
UCPA Accommodation Only ------£248£248£248£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£248£248------ 
Chamonix (Summer)
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 UCPA Chamonix (Summer)05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Les Domes de Miage 3669m -----£628£628£644£644£660£660£660£660£660£680£680£660£660£660------- 
UCPA Mont Blanc Preparation ------£520£520£520£520----£520£520£520£520-------- 
UCPA Rock & Block - Student ------£326£326£326£326£326£326£326£370£370£370£326--------- 
UCPA Summit du Bishorn 4159m -------£692£692£692£692£692£692£692£692£692£692£692£692------- 
UCPA Castor et Lyskamm 4479m -------£728--£728--£728--£728--------- 
UCPA Mont Rose 4563m --------£756£756£788£788£788£788£788£788£756--------- 
UCPA Summit du Weissmies 4023m ---------£796--£796--£796--£796------- 
UCPA Chamonix Rock & Ice ---------£340£360£360£360£384£384£384£360--------- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering -----£608£608£652£652£672£672£672£672£672£684£684£672£608£608------- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Introduction -----£516£516£559£559£584£584£584£584£596£596£596£584£516£516------- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering 14 Days -------£1240-£1240-£1240-£1240-£1240-£1240-------- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Introduction (Student) -----£414£414----------£414£414------- 
UCPA Summit du Mont Blanc 4810m ------£1268£1268£1268-----£1268£1268£1268£1268-------- 
UCPA Grand Paradis - First 4000m peak -----£552£552£596£596£636£636£636£636£636£636£636£596£552£552------- 
UCPA Rock Climbing ------£432£432£472£484£504£504£504£512£524£524£504£432£432------- 
UCPA Multi Pitch Climbing --------£516£532£548£548£548£548£564£564£548--------- 
UCPA Rock Climbing (Student) ------£370-£370£370£370£370£370----£370-------- 
UCPA Accommodation Only -----£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264£264------- 
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 UCPA Hyeres05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
Lacanau Les Deux Alpes (Summer)
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 Les Deux Alpes (Summer)05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Ski - Snowboard / Multi Sports ---------£448£448£448£448£448£455£455---------- 
UCPA MTB Descent - Les 2 Alpes ---------£552£552£552£552£552£559£559---------- 
UCPA MTB Descent - Multi Sports ---------£464£464£464£464£472£472£472---------- 
UCPA MTB Descent - Multi Sports Student ---------£414£414£414£414£414£414£414---------- 
UCPA Ski - Snowboard / Multi Sports Student ---------£370£370£370£370£370£370£370---------- 
Port Bacares
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 UCPA Port Barcares05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Windsurfing -------£336£364----£424£448£448£399£364£352£336£336----- 
UCPA Kitesurf Half Time -------£760-----£799£799£799£788£772£772£756£756----- 
Port d'Albret
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Command item
 UCPA Port d'Albret05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Surf Safari -------£559£580---------£580£536£536----- 
UCPA Surf Coaching -------------£668£668£668£668£580-------- 
UCPA Surf Full Time -------£448£464----£548£548£548£548£464£464£420£420----- 
UCPA Surf / Golf Full Time -------£440£440----£528£528£528£528--£388------ 
Val Thorens
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 UCPA Val Thorens05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Short Break 3 Day - Autonome £219------------------------- 
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 UCPA Verdon05/05/1608/05/1616/05/1622/05/1629/05/1605/06/1612/06/1619/06/1626/06/1603/07/1610/07/1617/07/1624/07/1631/07/1607/08/1614/08/1621/08/1628/08/1604/09/1611/09/1618/09/1625/09/1602/10/1609/10/1616/10/1623/10/16 
UCPA Verdon Multipitch -------£444£444£444£444£444£508£508£508£508£508£444£444------- 
UCPA Verdon Rock Climbing -------£399£399£399£424£424£479£479£479£479£479£424£399------- 
UCPA Verdon Multi Sports -------£456£456£456£479£479£479£512£512£512£456£456£456------- 
UCPA Verdon Multi Sports - Student -------£370£370-£370-£370-----£370------- 

Prices for our week long winter holidays are Saturday to Saturday. They automatically include the UCPA early arrival option enabling you to ski all day on Sunday as both the lift pass and equipment are available to use. Please contact the office if you would prefer to stay Sunday to Saturday.

Summer holidays are Sunday to Saturday. This is due to your equipment not being available until Sunday evening but there is the option to arrive on Saturday if you would like.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms (extra for twin)
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Equipment rental
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Lift passes, or any other cost related to your activity course (hut nights, green fee's, entry charges etc)

In fact, the only extra costs are transport, travel insurance and a few social beers!

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  • UCPA is a unique and brilliant experience, I would not describe it as a hotel but also not hostel it is somewhere in-between. Its a place where meeting people and making friends...
    Peter E
  • UCPAs are like an upmarket hostel. However, they are always comfortable and if you want to meet people, the rooms of 4-6 are a great way of doing so. Even better is most of the UCPAs have some twin rooms...
    Anna R
  • The accommodation is just what is needed as a base when skiing; for evening drinks, a good night’s sleep or rousing entertainment, UCPA always ends up the heartbeat of a week with quizzes, karaoke and a...
    Elliot B
  • The lessons have always been top quality, fun and tailored to your level due to the vast number of groups. All instructors speak French and English fluently and give individual tips. Skiing with people of your...
    Anna R
  • The food is to die for too! A good breakfast with the option of a packed or hot lunch is only the start – crepes are often available on return from a hard days skiing followed by a gourmet dinner...
    Elliot B
  • No matter how hard you try, when you book everything separately (especially with the Euro and price of food at the moment), you will never beat UCPA.
    Anna R
  • The UCPA has its own bar which is slightly cheaper than anywhere else in the resort. It has a pool table, comfy seats and a good atmosphere. 
    Ron H
  • There is always such a friendly and open atmosphere and the nights provide a great opportunity to meet new people. Making new friends from all over the world is a virtual certainty and for me personally, this was the...
    Richard J